4Racing WSBK Chain Adjusters for BMW S1000RR

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High quality jewelry pieces for your motorcycle made by 4Racing Components of Italy!

These chain adjusters are like functional jewelry pieces.  Not only they make it easy and very precise to adjust your chain tension, they look fantastic and give that custom touch to your motorcycle.  CNC machined from billet 6082 aluminum alloys which is an exotic alloy from the aluminium-magnesium-silicon family.  Stainless steel fittings and is finished off with a superb high thickness anodized coating.

Also known as the WSBK (World Superbike) adjusters, you will be able to take your rear wheel off without messing with the chain tension, for a quick and easy swap of your rear wheel/tire.

These chain adjusters allow 100% accurate line up of the left and right side when aligning the rear wheel.  4Racing chain adjusters are perfect for track and street use.


BMW S1000RR - 2009 to 2014
BMW S1000RR - 2015 to 2018