AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer

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Vendor: AIM


AIM Solo is a revolutionary lap timer like no other.  No more setting up beacons and receivers on the side of the track.

The AIM Solo is packaged with many features and can display a number of lap timing options, which includes rolling lap time, static lap time, predictive lap time and speed.

Furthermore, for drag drag racers, it has a built in accelerometer that allows it to record the 1/4 mile, 1/8 mile, 0-60mph, 0-100kph, 0-160kph times.

Aim Solo also comes with a RaceStudio2 software package which allows you to analyze your data with track maps, graphs and show your speed and times at any point of the track.

Included in the box are:

- AIM Solo GPS Lap Timer
- USB Cable
- Universal Mounting Bracket
- User Manual