Braking Directional Rear Wave Rotor for Ducati Panigale V4 V4S V4R Speciale

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Vendor: Braking


Headquartered in Brisco, Italy, Braking has been producing high quality braking solutions and has been a part of 113 world tittle victories in over two decades.

Made from tempered steel, these rear brake rotors provide more grip under braking while weighing less and offering exceptional heat dissipation.

Saves 1lbs of rotational mass from the rear wheel!

Heat dissipation equated to constant braking power in all conditions.

They are called "wave" rotors because the external diameter of the rotor has a non-round design which allows for better radial expansion in extreme heat conditions.  Furthermore, the drilled style of the OEM rotor has been replaced by specifically cut out holes on the edges which aids in the pad regeneration process.

Available with optional Proti Fully Forged Titanium rear rotor bolts for further weight savings.


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