Brentuning S1000RR Stage 1 Flash with Handheld Tuner 2019 2020 S1000RR

Type: ECU Flash
Vendor: Brentuning


Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle with the Brentuning ECU flash for the K67 2019 2020 BMW S1000RR.

The handheld tuner allows you to flash your bike at the comfort of your own home. A Windows PC based computer is required to be able to update your handheld device and load the flash files onto your handheld.

The handheld allows you to store multiple maps and allows you to go back to stock map at anytime.

Available flashes are Stage 1 and //M+.

//M+ flash removes the throttle restrictions.

The Stage 1 flash removes the throttle restrictions and offers better performance fuel mapping, enhanced oem quick shifter, optimized ignition tables, optimized egt mapping, corrected diagnostic faults and more.

With the Stage 1 flash, the sport mode will be adjusted to offer full power with the optimized traction control setting for smoother riding.

Read and delete engine trouble codes (check engine lights) with the handheld tuner.

Two fuel maps are included with the purchase of the Stage 1 flash.

Dyno chart in the product pictures (Green Line - Stage 1 with MR12 Race Fuel, Blue Line - Stage 1 with 93 Pump Gas, Red - Stock ECU with 93 Pump Gas). All runs were performed with a bike equipped with Akrapovic full exhaust system, Sprint Filter and modified airbox flapper.

Optionally Sprint Filter P08 or P08-F185 are available with the flash.


BMW S1000RR - 2019 to 2020