Brentuning S1000R Stage 2 Flash with Handheld Tuner K63 S1000R

Type: ECU Flash
Vendor: Brentuning


Unlock the full potential of your motorcycle with the Brentuning ECU flash for the K63  BMW S1000R.

The handheld tuner allows you to flash your bike at the comfort of your own home. A Windows PC based computer is required to be able to update your handheld device and load the flash files onto your handheld.

The handheld allows you to store multiple maps and allows you to go back to stock map at anytime.

The Stage 2 flash removes the throttle restrictions and offers better performance fuel mapping, enhanced oem quick shifter, optimized ignition tables, optimized egt mapping, corrected diagnostic faults and more.

RPM Limiter is raised from 12,000rpm to 12,500rpm for better use of the powerband.

Exhaust valve which is mapped for lowering the sound has been modified to deliver maximum power, which also increases the sound in lower rpms.

30% faster up shifts and down shifts over Stage 1, and the ability to use aftermarket fast shift sensor products offered by various manufacturers.

Stage 2 flash offers a lower max lambda, meaning leaner RPM target which makes more power.

Re-calibrated timing including multiple ignition maps based on knock sensor feedback.

Read and delete engine trouble codes (check engine lights) with the handheld tuner.

Two fuel maps are included with the purchase of the Stage 2 flash.

Optional Sprint Filter P08 or P08-F185 are available with the flash.

Optional BT-Moto velocity stack kit is available which increases the power with an additional 20hp!


BMW S1000R - 2022 to 2023