Cordona GP ASG Plug and Play Quickshifter Kit for Panigale V4R

Vendor: Cordona


Based in Sweden, Cordona Precision Technology AB has been providing quickshifter solutions for superbikes for many years. Their proven quality and performance has landed their quickshifter solutions on prestigious racing series such as MotoGP, BSB, FIM EWC (Endurance World Championship), Swedish SBK, Spanish SBK, Moto America and many others.

The newly released GP ASG superbike quickshifters feature a high sensitivity analogue sensor that is configurable in push or pull linkage (standard shift or gp shift). These kits are made to be completely plug and play and extremely easy to install.

The benefits of upgrading the quickshifter on your superbike is to greatly improve the gear change performance, smooth gear change operation and a distinct shifter feel similar to the top GP and WSBK systems.

The strain gauges used on Cordona quickshifters are far more superior than the stock sprint loaded OEM shifters that are prone to failure and lack the shifter feel.

Made in Sweden


Ducati Panigale V4R - 2019 to 2022