Ducabike Double Adjustable Ultimate Lever Set Monster 1200 1200S

Type: Levers
Vendor: Ducabike


Get the great looks and perfect riding ergonomics with the double adjustable LP01 Ultimate Levers made in Italy by Ducabike.

Features two adjustments:

1- Span Adjustment which is the position of the lever in relation to the bar, allows the rider to place the lever closer or further away from the bar.
2- Pivot Point Adjustment which is the adjustment of the brake bite point, this allows the rider to choose how aggressive the braking will be once the brakes are applied with the pull of the lever.

The levers are folding, to prevent damage in case of a tip over or accident.

The length is adjustable with the colored end that moved inward or outward to set the length of the lever.

Available in five colors for the lever ends, black, red, gold, blue or silver.

Please note that the color of the pivot adjuster is red on all color variations as seen in the pictures.

Made in Italy.


Ducati Monster 1200 - 2017 to 2021
Ducati Monster 1200S - 2017 to 2021

Ducati Monster 1200R - 2017 to 2021