Fullsix Carbon Fiber Swing Arm Cover Set for BMW S1000R K63

Vendor: Fullsix


Utilizing Autoclave Composite Technology and Nanotechnology, Fullsix is one of the leading carbon fiber manufacturers in the world.  From cutting of the fabric to the final finishing touches, each Fullsix part is monitored and are manufactured to perfection.

As they look extremely cool, the swingarm covers protect the swing arm in case of a tip over, fall or an accident.

Integrated shark fin guard which serves the purpose of protecting the rider from being caught up in the chain drive in case of a fall or crash.

Includes the left and right side carbon fiber swing arm covers.

Made from Twill Weave Carbon Fiber and matches the M Performance carbon fiber's pattern.

Available in gloss or matte.  Gloss finish is stocked regularly in our inventory.  Please allow 6 to 12 weeks for delivery for matte finish. 


BMW S1000R - 2022