Ohlins BM 568 Hypersport TTX GP Rear Shock for S1000RR K67

Vendor: Ohlins


There is no doubt that Ohlins is the gold standard in suspension and steering products, this is why they have dominated the race tracks all over the world.

The new revised Ohlins Hypersport TTX GP rear shock has a new type of valve which gives better feedback to the rider.  This new model also features a new shock piston and piston band, which works together to improve grip and stability of your S1000RR.

The revised Hypersport TTX GP shocks also feature new adjuster knobs which make compression and rebound adjustments as easy as turning a knob without any tools being used.

Rebound and compression adjustments have trickle down directly from MotoGP, and offer a wider and more precise adjustment range.


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