Ohlins FGRT 231 Road & Track Gold Front Forks for Panigale V2

Vendor: Ohlins


There is no doubt that Ohlins is the gold standard in suspension and steering products, this is why they have dominated the race tracks all over the world.

These fully adjustable complete replacement forks feature compression, rebound and preload adjustments.

Uses the race proven technologies of Ohlins's 30mm front fork cartridge kits, the compression and rebound dampening systems are separated between fork legs.  This allows the adjusters to be on top of each fork leg and also results in superior dynamic behavior. The 30mm front fork internals which were developed in racing series such as Wolrd Supersport and Superstock championship.

Improves front end feedback, brake support and overall handling of the bike.

Looks to match its performance, anodized gold outer fork tubes and features optimized cnc machined fork bottoms which not only look great but also help reduce the overall weight.

740mm length and 120mm stroke.

Includes brackets to be able to use your factory front fender and the provision to be able to attach your front ABS sensor.


Ducati Panigale V2