PZRacing Geartronic2 Universal Gear Indicator with Shift Light - GT400

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Vendor: PZRacing


The GT400 is a state of the art digital gear indicator with an integrated shift light which is completely run by microprocessors, showing the correct gear almost immediately. Easy to install on any kind of motorcycle, complete with instructions for installation on the most common motorcycles on the market.

No more wondering which gear you are in, or trying to find the 7th gear.

The programmable shift light will ensure you will never miss a shift.

Be it at the track or on the street, this is a great little addition to your motorcycle. Unlike other gear indicators with LED screens which aren't visible under the sun, PZRacing gear indicators feature an LCD display, that is readable even under the harshest lighting conditions. While setting up your unit, you can choose between 6 different LCD backlight colors to suit your taste.

Made in Italy.

Dimensions: 50x40x21mm