R&G Racing EaziGrip Tank Traction Grip Pads for S1000RR K67

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Vendor: R&G Racing


Reduce rider fatigue and maintain better control of your motorcycle with these EaziGrip traction grip pads.

The R&G Racing tank grip pads are made by Eazi-Grip of England and feature a leather friendly texture which reduces wear on clothing and will not discolor over time.

The unique texture was specifically designed to be soft yet durable.  These tank traction grips provide the rider with the grip and feel they need to assist in better bike control, which enables the rider to maintain stable body position while cornering and braking.  This results in reliving fatigue and providing the rider with complete confidence, which then allows the rider to focus on the road/track ahead, instead of getting distracted by slipping and sliding on the tank.

Perfect for track and/or street use.

Made in England.

Available in black or clear.

NOTE: clear tank grips require more attention when installing, if there are any air bubbles left, it will show through since the tank grip is clear.  We suggest professional installation for the clear color.  You can get it done at a reputable automotive tint shop for a nominal fee.


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