Rapidbike Racing ECU Module for BMW S1000RR

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Vendor: Rapidbike


Rapidbike Racing add-on module is the highest level of technology for reaching top performance while offering wide range of solutions for demanding street and track rides.

Just like the Rapidbike EVO fuel controller module, the Rapidbike Racing module features the "auto-adaptive" technology, which constantly adjusts and improves the map while riding the vehicle.  These maps can then be modified through the downloadable free software.

Furthermore the Rapidbike Racing module is able to adjust the ignition map, engine braking, pit-lane limiter (activated manually with an optional handlebar switch) and is capable of dual maps (ie. rain/race gas etc...)

Rapidbike Racing is also expandable further with the optional electronic quick shifter.

Kit includes Rapidbike Racing Module, model specific wiring harness and USB Cable.

Downloadable software requires Microsoft Windows operating system.

Optional "My Tuning Bike Module" allows finer tuning of the fueling of your sportbike.  This optional add-on module comes with a wideband O2 sensor for more accurate reading of the air/fuel ratio thus allowing for absolute most performance out of your sportbike.

Please select the correct model year before ordering.


BMW S1000RR - 2009 to 2018