Sprint Filter P08 Street Performance Air Filter For S1000RR K67 - PM171S
Sprint Filter P08 Street Performance Air Filter For S1000RR K67 - PM171S


The best performing air filters for your motorcycle by Sprint Filter of Italy!

Unlike any other air filter on the market Sprint Filter uses a proprietary polyester material that allows a calibrated constant flow of air.  The membrane filtering surface is double that of any other air filter available.  Efficient filtration means you will have less foreign particles going through the filter while providing a higher air flow than other filters.  A Sprint Filter P08 filter will sieve out 93.13% of 100 micron particles, while a cotton filter will only sieve out 76.42% of 100 micron particles.  This is possible by the innovative polyester material used in Sprint Filter P08 filters.

Sprint Filter brand filters are used by many teams in the MotoGP, Moto3, Superbike, Supersport and Superstock world championships.  Experience gained from being a part of top level racing over the decades have trickled down to their "street" line of P08 filters.

The P08 is a dry filter, and requires no oil treatments.  Cleaning the filter is as simple as removing the filter and blowing it with compressed air.  If cared as directed, this filter will last as long as your motorcycle.

Made in Italy.


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