Supersprox Stealth 520 Rear Sprocket for Aftermarket Wheels BST / Rotobox / OZ Racing

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Type: Sprockets
Vendor: Supersprox


The Stealth line up of Supersprox sprockets focus on longer-life without compromising on weight.  This is achieved by having steel teeth on an aluminum center part.

Used by many factory teams and racers on the Dakar rally and Baja 1000, these sprockets are made to last!

Better than lightweight steel sprockets, because pound for pound, the lightweight steel sprockets can not handle the same torque compared to the Stealth sprockets.

Better than aluminum sprockets, because as we all know aluminum doesn't last long, certainly no where near 20,000 miles which can be achieved with a Stealth sprocket.

This particular sprocket is intended to be for aftermarket wheels such as BST, Marchesini, Rotobox, OZ Racing, Carrozzeria

Intended for 520 chain conversions.  Must use with a 520 chain and 520 front sprocket.

Please select the correct tooth count before ordering.