XWorks ECU Flash Calibration for K67 BMW S1000RR 2019 2020

Type: ECU Flash
Vendor: XWorks


Unleash the full potential your K67 BMW S1000RR  with the XWorks flash ECU calibration.

What is XWorks? XWorks is the BMW's engineering code name from a testing session of one of the M bikes at the Portimao race track in 2018. This ECU flash is derivative of this coding which was used on the test bike.

What does the XWorks ECU Flash do? The US spec 2020 BMW S1000RR is very restricted in 2nd and 3rd gears, and this has been the major complaint of most riders.  The restriction is caused by the throttle by wire system of the new S1000RR not applying above a certain percentage of throttle and opening up the throttle blades accordingly.  So in short form, when the rider twists the throttle above a certain point, the ecu electronically restricts the amount of throttle that is actually being applied.

The XWorks ecu calibration removes these restrictions so that the throttle blades respond instantly to the throttle being twisted. Furthermore the Xworks ECU calibration has been tuned to maximize power gains from a full exhaust system and a performance air filter.

XWorks ecu calibration will also remove the indicated 186mph limit shown on the speedometer.

XWorks ECU calibration is intended for offroad competition use only!

What is needed for the XWorks ECU Flash? In order to complete the XWorks ECU flash, your ECU, Igntion and the Key are needed.

Why is the ignition and key are needed? In order to be able to 100% verify all parameters of the calibration, the ignition and key must be present. Without the key and ignition being present, there is no way to verify that the calibration is perfect.

What is included with the XWorks ECU Flash?
- The initial calibration to remove restrictions and install the XWorks coding.
- Two future updates. These can be either updates to the coding as they are released, or it could be used to return the ECU back to stock coding. For coding updates, your ignition will no longer be needed, only your ECU will be needed.
- Shipping labels for the initial calibration are included.  This means you will have to only take your ECU and ignition with key to a FedEX location, and use the provided shipping label to ship out your hardware. Shipping labels are not included for the update services.

NOTE: If you have an aftermarket full exhaust system, you will need to purchase  Servo Buddy servo eliminator.  Even though your stock ECU does not show an error code without the Servo Buddy, the flashed ECU will.  The Servo Buddy exhaust servo eliminator for the K67 2019 / 2020 S1000RR is optionally available to purchase with the Flash.

How long does it take? All inbound and outbound shipping services are provided by FedEX Express and included in the total price.  Once you drop your hardware off to the FedEX location, it will take 2 business days for the hardware to be delivered. The XWorks ECU calibration will be performed in 1-2 business days after receiving your hardware and then it will be shipped back to you with FedEX Express 2-Day service.  So in total the turn around time for this service should be expected to be 5 to 6 business days.

Shipping labels are only included for customers within USA.

Overnight shipping and expedited calibration options are provided upon request, potentially reducing the turn around time to 3 business days. (Please call us in order to have this request processed).

A FedEX Express shipping box will be provided to you at the FedEX location at no cost.  Please ensure that your hardware is securely packaged.  The packaging is your responsibility.

For any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.