CTEK Lithium US 4.3A Tender Maintainer Smart Charger
CTEK Lithium US 4.3A Tender Maintainer Smart Charger

Vendor: CTEK


Thanks to its advanced microprocessor controlled charger electronics, the CTEK Lithium US 4.3A charger is specifically designed to charge and maintain the cells of Lithium Iron (LiFeP04) batteries, which maximizes the longevity and the performance of these batteries.

With a maximum charge current of 4.3A, the Ctek Lithium US Smart Charger can charge LiFeP04 batteries from 5Ah to 60Ah, and maintained batteries that are upto 120Ah.

Plug play operation, meaning the battery will start charging upon connecting the charger.  It also has a low voltage electronics protection, meaning you can charge your battery without disconnecting it from your motorcycle.

8 Step smart charging process makes it a "Connect and Forget" charger, with the final step being the "pulse step" which maintains the battery at 95-100% capacity

CTEK Part Number : 56-926

Perfect for companion charging, preserving and maintaining your Antigravity batteries.

110V only, made to be used only in North America does not work in other power sources.