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HOW TO - Install TWM Remote Adjuster on Bremco RCS 19

TWM Special Components is our go to brand when choosing a remote adjuster for our Brembo master cylinders.  Remote adjusters provide micro adjustment of the brake lever position and is compatible with the RCS radial master cylinders.  This adjustment comes in handy on the racetrack when the rider wants to dial out brake fade while keeping your right hand on the throttle on the straights, and be pinned on the throttle. Installation of the TWM remote adjuster is very simple, and takes only minutes. To view the product being installed in our store, click HERE Tools you will need are:...

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GUIDE - Go With The Flow

The age old question of what air filter is the best has been asked as long as the internet has existed.  It is the year 2018 now, and a lot of technological advancements have been made in the world of filtration as the machines that are being raced and the ones which we ride are becoming more sophisticated and demanding. In this article we are going to explain why we chose only Sprint Filter as our go to air filters and what makes them completely different from others even though 3rd party dyno testing and even a comprehensive 3rd party...

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5 Mods You Didn't Think Of As Weight Reduction

It is no secret that here at Motomillion we have a love affair with carbon fiber and titanium.  These exotic materials are what most riders think of when the topic is weight reduction.  However there are some other modifications which are fairly common but are not necessarily first things we list when talking about weight reduction. The examples below are all from a BMW S1000RR but the results are consistent across all the range of modern sportbikes. Here are 5 mods you didn't think of as weight reduction: 1. Fender Eliminator Dare we say this is the most common modification...

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