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5 Mods You Didn't Think Of As Weight Reduction

It is no secret that here at Motomillion we have a love affair with carbon fiber and titanium.  These exotic materials are what most riders think of when the topic is weight reduction.  However there are some other modifications which are fairly common but are not necessarily first things we list when talking about weight reduction. The examples below are all from a BMW S1000RR but the results are consistent across all the range of modern sportbikes. Here are 5 mods you didn't think of as weight reduction: 1. Fender Eliminator Dare we say this is the most common modification...

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GUIDE - Carbon Fiber Wheels BST vs. Rotobox

Carbon fiber motorcycle wheels have been available for consumers to purchase ever since the late 2000s.  Over the years, they have become more common and also more affordable. Two brand names have dominated the carbon fiber motorcycle wheel market.  BlackStone Tek (BST) and Rotobox.  While Rotobox has been a latecomer, they have shaken things up by creating the first and the only carbon fiber wheel to develop and use a 3 component composite which combines carbon, epoxy and steel.  BST on the other hand was one of the first companies to pioneer the carbon fiber wheel market and is currently...

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DETAILS - Upgrades for the Brembo 19 RCS Master Cylinder - Part 1

Upgrading your stock master cylinder to the Brembo 19 RCS master cylinder is often one of the best upgrades you can do to your sport bike in terms of braking.  Be it on the street or on the track, the 19 RCS has been the most popular brake master cylinder for almost a decade. As avid motorcycle enthusiasts we are always looking into that special extra touch with everything we install on our bikes.  One thing that might have caught your attention when watching a MotoGP race could have been the holes on the end of the levers.  These levers...

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