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For Sale: Motomillion Diavel V4 - The Ultimate Super Cruiser

Discover the pinnacle of motorcycle engineering with the Motomillion Diavel V4, our masterful interpretation of the Ducati Diavel V4. This exceptional machine redefines the super cruiser category, blending raw power, unparalleled style, and the finest high-end components available. Every detail of the Motomillion Diavel V4 has been meticulously crafted to provide an unrivaled riding experience. This is not just a motorcycle; it’s a statement of power, luxury, and superior performance. From the carbon fiber wheels to the smallest detail that has been added by the experts at Motomillion, this motorcycle is truly where function meets form. Price: $35,000 USD Contact...

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The Ultimate Yamaha R1M | Build Rundown

  The journey with our Yamaha R1M started some time before we even received this R1M. Previously, we had another Yamaha R1M which we were building up into something special. That build featured Marchesini wheels, the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust, and the full Brembo upgrade, amongst many other parts. Unfortunately, after making great progress with the bike, it got stolen… After some time, and contact with Yamaha Motor USA, we were able to acquire a brand new Yamaha R1M, and have it delivered still within its crate! It was a treat to receive a bike in that form, and truly start...

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How To Set Up UpMap on Your Bike

"UpMap is a project born from the need to improve the performance of the vehicle, in a scenario where the continuous development of electronics makes it increasingly difficult to achieve this goal with the exclusive use of exhaust systems.”

With a variety of tunes available designed for specific exhaust systems, and to remove factory restrictions, UpMap has become an essential part for unlocking the true performance of your bike. 

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