Launchmat Carpeted Paddock Garage Mat - Design 1

Type: Bike Mats
Vendor: Launchmat


High quality motorcycle mats for your superbike by Launchmat.

Paddock mats were originally designed to be used as environmental protective work mats to contain the spillage of any fuels, lubricants or liquids at racetracks. They quickly became popular amongst enthusiasts who want to not only make use of the environmental function but also to have a beautiful way of displaying their priced possession.

All Launchmat branded paddock mats are designed to be aesthetically appealing but also to function and to last. The PVC backing is non slip and also prevents fluids to seep through to the floor. The special nylon fibers used on the carpeting are water and oil resistant, which makes cleaning of them an easy task.

These particular paddock mats are 96.75 inches in length and 36.5 inches in width. Sized to fit your superbike perfectly.

Available in 5 colors, blue, red, green, orange or pink. Please ensure you select the correct color before adding the item to your cart using the