Superlite RSX Series Lightweight Steel Rear Sprocket for BST ROTOBOX OZ Racing

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Type: Sprockets
Vendor: Superlite


Performance driven drivetrain products by Drive Systems USA.

Thanks to its computer generated design, the Superlite RSX series rear sprocket is the lightest and strongest steel sprocket on the market.  The special design offers maximum weight savings with superior strength.

Thanks to its special tooth profile it offers extended life.

Constructed of induction hardened steel with a black zinc plate finish.

Significantly reduces the rotational mass from your motorcycle, which enables less power loss to happen from the crank to the rear wheel.  Also reduces unsprung weight which positively impacts your motorcycle's handling characteristics.

Available in 520 and 525 chain pitch.

This particular sprocket is intended to be for aftermarket wheels such as BST, Marchesini, Rotobox, OZ Racing, Carrozzeria

Please select the correct chain pitch and tooth count before ordering.