Alpha Racing Carbon Fiber Aero Disc Covers for BMW S1000RR M1000RR

Vendor: Alpha Racing


World Superbike (WSBK) parts for your BMW S1000RR by Alpha Racing of Germany.  Alpha Racing is BMW Motorrad Motorsports's official partner and running the WSBK project with BMW Motrrad Motorsport.

These carbon fiber front aero disc covers are an OEM replica of the newly redesigned 2023 M1000RR front aero disc covers. It features cnc machined brackets for easy and secure installation.

This kit works on the K66 M1000RR, K67 S1000RR and K63 S1000R / M1000R models.

The kit includes:

- Left side carbon wheel cover
- Right Side carbon wheel cover
- Left side cnc machined bracket
- Right side cnc machined bracket
- Snap lock ball heads for (2023-2024 M1000RR only)
- Snap lock ball heads rubbers (2023-2024 M1000RR only)

Twill weave, gloss carbon fiber.

Alpha Racing Part Numbers : 4663B009B30


BMW S1000RR - 2020 to 2022
BMW S1000RR - 2023 to 2024
BMW M1000RR - 2021 to 2024
BMW S1000R - 2022 to 2024
BMW M1000R - 2022 to 2024