BMW S1000RR LED Roundel Emblem Turn Signals

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Vendor: Motomillion


Made in Germany, the LED roundel turn signals mount behind the existing BMW roundel logo badge that is on your S1000RR.  While the motorcycle is running, they are white, and when signaling they are amber in color.

The LED roundel turn signals must be used with turn signals, these work as repeaters.  You will need to have other turn signals installed on the bike as well for them to function properly.

They look great, and they attract more attention which is exactly what you want when you are signaling!

The kit contains:

- LED indicators (one per side)
- All necessary cables, connectors and terminals.
- Mounting hardware.
- Adhesive stickers to remount the original roundel.
- Installation instruction in English.


BMW S1000RR - 2010 to 2018