Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta Brake Master Cylinder
Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta Brake Master Cylinder

Vendor: Brembo


The latest and the greatest by Brembo! Improve your braking performance while being able to adjust brake lever feel with these Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta Radial Brake Master Cylinders!

Optimized for dual caliper, four piston braking systems, the Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta is the perfect upgrade to any modern sportbike.  Utilizing a 17mm piston, this master cylinder provides the maximum amount of stopping power possible.

The newest brake adjustment features three ride modes, where the rider can select the responsiveness of the brake lever.  Normal, Sport and Race settings which set the bite point brakes.

Fits all 7/8 inch (22mm) handlebars which is standard on most European and Japanese motorcycles.

This master cylinder kit includes the following:

- Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta Master Cylinder
- Brake Light Switch
- Double Banjo Bolt
- New Crush Washers
- Brembo Authenticity Card

Brembo Part Number: 110C74040

A brake fluid reservoir kit is needed to install the Brembo 17RCS Corsa Corta.  You can find the brake fluid reservoir kit by clicking HERE.

Optional Brake Remote Adjuster for Bremb 17RCS Corsa Corta can be found by clicking HERE.