Brembo Racing GP4-MS Monoblock CNC Nickel Plated Calipers - 100mm

Type: Calipers
Vendor: Brembo


The latest addition to Brembo Racing's caliper range is the GP4MS monoblock calipers.  Monoblock meaning, this caliper is one piece and is completely machined from solid aluminum.

Inspired by the monobloc calipers used in MotoGP, this caliper is now available to the consumer to use on their road and race bikes.

Featuring four 30mm pistons. The GP4-MS caliper is fitted with double seals, where one acts as a dust cover which ensures road users will be able to benefit from racing calipers without the regular checks and maintenance required.

To finish off the caliper, it has been nickel plated, which not only creates a very attractive look, but it has also allowed the Brembo engineers to make the machining tolerances even finer, which added the benefits of performance and extremely high operating precision.

This kit includes high performance sintered brake pads as well as the ey-catching heat sensitive adhesive stickers used in MotoGP which helps you determine the highest operating temperature reached by the calipers after each session.

Brembo Part Number: 220D60010