Bridgeport 90 Degree Angled Valve Stems 8.3mm - Pair

Vendor: Bridgeport


High quality little gems directly imported from Italy.

Used by many MotoGP, BSB, Endurance and other top level motorcycle competition bikes, these valves are drop forged aluminum and have a high quality anodized finish that will withstand the heat radiated from your rotors.

Makes tire pressure checks and fills a much easier task and they look fantastic.

Beware of replica / knock offs on the market.  These valve stems are the authentic Bridgeport valves, and come with a limited 5 year warranty.  Unlike others that are machined down from cast pieces, these are drop forged aluminum to ensure the highest strength while maximizing the weight savings.

The angled core reduces the centrifugal forces being applied, which adds an element of safety.


Aprilia, Ducati, MV Agusta, and Triumph - Factory Wheels

Aftermarket Wheel Brands using 8.3mm Sized Valve Stems : Antera, Brembo, BST, Carrozzeria, Marchesini, Marvic and OZ Racing.