Custom LED Blaster-X Integrated Tail Light Yamaha R1 / R1S / R1M 2015-2024 & 2017-2022 R6


The best integrated tail light on the market for your R1 / R1S / R1M made by Custom LED right here in USA!

Very easy to install, plug and play unit with OEM connectors.  No wiring work is needed. No need for extra relays, your signal flash rate will not change after installing the Custom LED integrated tail light.

The lens is optically clear, yet has a smoked look, which ensures there is no loss of performance in terms of brightness of the lights.

Features include: Brake Alert, Turn Alert, Strobe Mode and Blaster-X. 

Brake Alert flashes the brake light at the instant when the brakes are applied to  alert other road users (this mode can be turned off if desired.)

Turn Alert provides the maximum contrast for the signal lights integrated in the unit.  This is achieved by having the signal light change from amber to off rather than changing from amber to red.  If brakes are applied while signaling, the signal cycle will change from amber to red.

 Strobe Mode puts the tail light into a very eye-catching strobe cycle that will get everyone's attention.  This is mode is activated by grounding a control wire.  A very useful feature for emergency situations.

Blaster-X is a proprietary technology to Custom LED that ensures the maximum brightness is achieved from every single led that is inside the tail light.  This results in a ultra high intensity and high performance integrated led tail light which sets the Custom LED tail light part from others on the market.


Yamaha R6 - 2017 to 2022
Yamaha R1 / R1S / R1M - 2015 to 2024