Dieci83 Suzuki GSXR 1000 Radiator Guard

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Vendor: Dieci83


Protect the radiator of your motorcycle with these radiator guards made by Dieci83® of Italy!

Dieci83® radiator guards are perfect for track and street use.

100% laser-cut and pressed aluminum with no welds for a clean seamless finish!

Dieci83® radiator guards are an inexpensive solution to a potentially very expensive problem; a leaking radiator caused by a simple rock or debree slinging from your front tire.  A leak in your cooling system will not only cause your motorcycle to over heat, which might lead to a leaking head gasket, it could be very dangerous in the event that you slip on your own leaking fluids, damage your bike and potentially cause rider injury.

Specifically made to fit your Suzuki's radiator, these screens are made from 5051 Aluminum, which make them very strong against debris, yet ultra lightweight.  The Dieci83® logo is also removable for those who want a cleaner look by having no logos/brands on their motorcycles.

This kit includes everything for an effortless installation and instructions in English.


Suzuki GSX-R 1000 - 2009 to 2016