Domino XM2 Dual Compound Grips

Type: Grips
Vendor: Domino


Inspired by the Domino MotoGP grips the Domino XM2 is perfected for the road.  Softer compound than the MotoGP grips, yet durable enough for everyday street use. Two ply grip design engineered to reduce vibrations and hand fatigue. Firm inner layer and softer outer layer makes these the perfect road grip.  Unlike other grips that have a soft spongy feel, these grips provide a soft feel at the palm with progressive firmness.

Comfortable enough for every day road use, and grippy enough to be used on the track.

Grooved grip design for ease of safety wire installation.

Domino XM2 grips are 126mm (4.96") wide with open ends.  Can be shortened 3mm by cutting the inner colored tabs.

Sold in pairs and fit stock 22mm bars (7/8").

Made in Italy.