Fullsix Carbon Fiber Aero Front Fender for BMW S1000R M1000R K63

Vendor: Fullsix


Utilizing Autoclave Composite Technology and Nanotechnology, Fullsix is one of the leading carbon fiber manufacturers in the world.  From cutting of the fabric to the final finishing touches, each Fullsix part is monitored and are manufactured to perfection.

This carbon fiber front fender is an OEM replica of the newly redesigned 2023-2024 M1000RR front fender. It features the integrated brake cooling ducts and the newly designed aero shape.

Direct swap of the factory front fender on the K63 S1000R / M1000R models.

Made from Twill Weave Carbon Fiber and matches the M Performance carbon fiber's pattern.

Please note that on K63 S1000R / M1000R models the lower tab will not have a mounting point, but it is verified that this does not hinder the fitment nor the engineered aerodynamics.

Available in clear coated gloss finish to match factory M Performance carbon fiber's finish.


BMW S1000R - 2022 to 2024
BMW M1000R - 2022 to 2024