Fullsix Carbon Fiber Superbike Tank Cover for Yamaha R1 R1M 2015-2024

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Vendor: Fullsix


Utilizing Autoclave Composite Technology and Nanotechnology, Fullsix is one of the leading carbon fiber manufacturers in the world making the best carbon fiber products available for your superbike.  From cutting of the fabric to the final finishing touches, each Fullsix part is monitored and are manufactured to perfection.

Designed to improve the ergonomics of your bike which improves rider positioning and control.  The covers are shaped to aid staying in proper riding position during heavy braking, and to reduce body fatigue.

Extra layer of protection added to your fuel tank in case of a crash.

Made from Twill Weave Carbon Fiber and matches the OEM carbon found on the R1M models..

Can be installed with 3M automotive double sided tape(Not included), or silicone adhesive (Not included).

Available in clear coated gloss finish.


Yamaha R1 - 2015 to 2024
Yamaha R1M - 2015 to 2024