Luimoto GP Comfort Seat Cover for Honda Fireblade CBR 1000 RR-R SP

Vendor: Luimoto


Custom hand made seat covers for your bike by Luimoto of Canada. 

Enhance the look and feel of your motorcycle with these unique and high quality seat covers.

These particular seat covers feature a luxurious synthetic suede center section with Tec-grip. This offers superior rider stability during braking, acceleration and cornering..

Please note that these are seat covers, and not the entire seat plastic with the foam.

You may put it over the original seat without taking the factory seat cover off.

Please select the correct seat cover position before ordering.

Available as, rider seat cover, passenger seat cover, or rider and passenger seat cover set.

OPTIONAL : Optional comfort gel insert is available.  The gel is to be installed between the seat cover and the original seat.

Please note that, sometimes when the covers are not readily available, it may take up to 2 weeks to have your order shipped.


Honda CBR 1000 RR-R - 2020 to 2024
Honda CBR 1000 RR-R SP - 2020 to 2024