M1000RR Ohlins FGRT 232 Carbon Fiber Aero Wheel Cover Bracket

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Vendor: Emesco


Run the full aero package of your BMW M1000RR even with the Ohlins FGRT 232 forks using these custom machined cnc aluminum brackets.

Designed to work with the stock carbon fiber aero wheel covers of your BMW M1000RR competition, these brackets are specifically made to be mounted on the Ohlins FGRT 232 forks.

NOTE: Must enlarge lower 3 aero cover bolts holes to 5/16" (7.93mm) on each side.
NOTE: Must notch carbon fiber upper bracket arm slightly to make clearence for Ohlins front fender brackets.

The kit includes:

- Two aero wheel cover brackets for Ohlins FGRT 232
- 6x M6 bolts to be used for lower 3 bolts of the aero wheel covers.

Made in England


BMW M1000RR 2023 to 2024 (With OHLINS FGRT 232 forks ONLY!)