MM Racing Ultralight Rear Brake Rotor for R1 R1S R1M R6

Vendor: MM Racing


Save weight and reduce the rotational mass while improving on the looks of your motorcycle with these ultralight rear rotors from MM Racing of Canada. Not to be confused by cheap replicas, and other brands such a Mikey Moto, these are MM Racing branded rotors.

Reducing the unsprung weight of the motorcycle will have positive effects on handling, acceleration/braking and it will also reduce the parasitic loss of power to the rear wheel.

High carbon content steel and heat treated for strength, these rotors are a direct replacement of your rear rotor.

Weighs only 481grams (1.06lbs)

Available with optional Proti Fully Forged Titanium rear rotor bolts for further weight savings.


Yamaha R1 - 2015 to 2024
Yamaha R1S - 2015 to 2024
Yamaha R1M - 2015 to 2024
Yamaha R6 - 2006 to 2024