NRC Integrated Brake Light Turn Signals Fender Eliminator Kit for S1000RR M1000RR


Get rid of the big and bulky OEM fender and clean up the look of your bike with this great Fender Eliminator kit made by New Rage Cycles of USA!

These Fender Eliminator Kits are Plug and Play and will need no splicing of your wires.  The kit has a base that covers up the holes left in your tail section after removing the OEM fender and have integrated high quality LED's which will work as your turn signal lights and brake light.  Plate mount and led light for it is also included

One of the best aesthetic upgrades you could do to your bike to give it that clean look.  The kit is made from metal and is powder coated to have a beautiful finish that will last forever.

Plug and play installation. Includes all hardware for an effortless installation and instructions in English.

Two options are available, please select the correct option before placing your orders.

License plate location, tucked or standard.  Tucked is as seen in pictures and standard will be similar angle to the stock fender's license plate mount and more towards the back of the fender eliminator kit.

Region, USA or Europe.  USA model fender eliminator kits will feature all red lights, meaning red brake lights and red turn signals, and Europe designation kits will feature red brake lights with amber turn signals.

If your S1000RR has red turn signals you must order the US version, if your motorcycle has amber (orange) turn signals you must order the Europe version.


BMW S1000RR - 2020 to 2022
BMW M1000RR - 2021 to 2022