Proti Titanium Brake Rotor Bolt Kit - 899 / 959 Panigale

Vendor: Proti


Unlike other titanium fasteners found on the market, all Proti fasteners are fully forged.  This makes them 50% lighter while being 6 times stronger.  Bolts are completely made using the forging process, no CNC cutting technique is used, this includes the sockets as well as the threads.

All fasteners are made from Grade 5 Titanium 64TI (Ti-6AL-4V), meaning it is a titanium alloy which consists of 90% titanium + 6%aluminum + 4%vanadium, normally we call it 64Ti or Grade 5 titanium.  Simply put, the best fasteners money can buy.

Designed to fit your bike perfectly, these bolts are offered in stylish gold and blue colors.

All rotor bolts come pre-applied with thread locking compound.

Two styles are available, regular socket or predrilled socket bolts.

Titanium brake rotor bolts come as a set of 16 bolts which include both front rotors and the rear rotor, or as a set of 10 bolts which are only for both the front rotors.  Please choose the kit you'd like above before ordering.


Ducati 899 / 959 Panigale - All Years and Models