Rizoma Stealth Aero Wing Mirrors for BMW S1000RR M1000RR

Type: Mirrors
Vendor: Rizoma


Rizoma Stealth mirrors are the first of their kind to convert to a winglet to improve front end down force.

Stealth aero wing mirrors are CNC machined from billet aluminum and made in Italy to the finest quality standards. 

The wings are ergonomically designed to align perfectly at eye level when riding in tucked position and at a 25 degree angle (when the mirrors are closed) they create 8.82 lbs of downforce at 186 mph.

Available in black, silver and thunder grey colors.

For the K67 S1000RR, we suggest using the NRC front turn signals since these mirrors do not have integrated turn signals. You can view these turn signals by clicking here.

Rizoma part number BSS010

Made in Italy


BMW S1000RR - 2020 to 2022
BMW S1000RR - 2023 to 2024

BMW M1000RR - 2021 to 2022