Samco Race Fit Radiator Silicone Hose Kit BMW S1000RR M1000RR

Vendor: Samco


Proven around the world by many racing teams racing in MotoGP, Nascar, Formula One and WSBK, Samco hoses use a high quality silicone which is reinforced by fabric.  This enables these hoses to withstand higher operation temperatures.

Reduction of running temperatures of up to 9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Suitable for road and track use.

Newly designed "Race Fit Kit". This special kit removes the metal tube that joins both sides of the part of the coolant line, which eliminates two more joints that can potentially be points of leaking.  Makes one continuous long piece. (see pictures)

Must be used with the specific Samco hose clamp kit for lifetime warranty.

Specific Samco Clamp kit is included with your purchase.

Available in red, blue or white colors.

Made in UK.


BMW S1000RR - 2020 to 2022
BMW S1000RR - 2023 to 2024
BMW M1000RR - 2021 to 2022
BMW M1000RR - 2023 to 2024