Sitta Ultra Lightweight 520 41T Rear Sprocket for Panigale 1199 1299

Type: Sprockets
Vendor: Sitta


Founded in 1993, Sitta has been manufacturing distinctive and extremely unique sprockets ever since.  Used in MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3, Superbike, Superstock, Supersport, CIV, CEV and many more racing series around the world and their products quality speaks for itself.

Sitta sprockets are extremely unique because they are made from billet Duraluminum 7075-T6, which is a metal normally used in aviation.  It has tensile strength which is about 11 times more than pure aluminum.

Sitta sprockets are anodized to their distinctive bronze / magnesium color in order to prevent oxidization and minimize wear.

41T same as Panigale R rear gearing.

Intended for 520 chain conversions. Must be used with a 520 chain and 520 front sprocket.

Chain Pith: 520
Tooth Count: 41
Sitta Sprocket Weight: 537 grams (1.18 lbs)
Stock 525 41T Sprocket Weight: 1336 grams (2.95 lbs)

Saves 1.77 lbs over the stock rear sprocket!

Made in Italy.


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