Stahlbus Double Banjo Bolt Quick Bleeder Valve with Dust Cap for Brembo
Stahlbus Double Banjo Bolt Quick Bleeder Valve with Dust Cap for Brembo

Vendor: Stahlbus


With the philosophy of simply smart products that are easy to use, the Stahlbus team has been able to solve some of the shortcomings of simple products that are found on many motorcycles.

Stahlbus bleeder valves are not just speed bleeder valves, they do have foundational differences which make the Stahlbus valves superior.  The main key difference is the fact that Stahlbus uses a conventional bleeder valve rather than the non-return valve which speed bleeders use.  The second main difference is the fact that the Stahlbus valves have a main valve body that stays in the calipers / master cylinder, and the bleeder valve is precision machined and does not use any thread sealant.  Speed bleeders need thread sealant to make their threads air tight once bleeder is loosened which can wear overtime, and also will wear out the caliper / master cylinder each time it is used.

Stahlbus bleeder valves make bleeding your brakes / clutch a simple task.  Once you undo the bleeder valve, you can continuously pump the brake / clutch lever and it will not let air back in the system.  Which makes bleeding your brakes / clutch a one person operation.

These particular Stahlbus banjo bolts have Stahlbus bleeder valves at the end and are M10x1.00 thread with a thread length of 30mm. They are made for double banjo bolt applications.

Works with most Brembo calipers such as the GP4 MS, GP4 RX, GP4-RS and M4. If you are not sure of the size you need, please do contact us before ordering.

Black anodized colored main banjo bolt with black anodized aluminum dust caps.

NOTE: When using this product on your calipers, be sure to check spoke clearances after installing the valves on your calipers!

Made in Germany.