Thyssenkrupp Carbon Fiber Wheel Set for BMW S1000RR / HP4

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Type: Wheels
Vendor: Thyssenkrupp


The key distinguishing feature of the BMW HP4 Race was the extensive use of carbon fiber, and one of the most breath taking parts was the carbon fiber wheels.  Made by the German multinational Thyssenkrupp, these wheels are now available to consumers at an attainable price.

Unlike others, these wheels are made using a braiding process which ensures the carbon strand to be continuous throughout the construction of the wheel, which helps the wheels achieve maximum weight reduction and an extremely high damage tolerance.

The spokes are foam filled, which helps with the stiffness of the wheels and dampens the vibrations.

Front Wheel Maximum Static Load Rating : 399lbs
Rear Wheel Maximum Static Load : 599lbs

Front Wheel Size : 3.5 x 17
Rear Wheel Size : 6.0 x 17

Front Wheel Weight : 4.19 lbs
Rear Wheel Weight : 6.39 lbs

FITMENT NOTES: These wheels are not supplied with the sprocket carrier.  Factory BMW HP4 and BMW HP Forged Wheel sprocket carriers is to be used on these wheels.  The front rotors from the BMW HP4 and BMW HP Forged Wheels will directly fit on these wheels, the front rotors for the cast wheels will not fit!

For racing use only!


BMW HP4 - 2012 to 2014
BMW S1000R - 2014 to 2016
BMW S1000RR - 2009 to 2019

Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery time, once an order has been placed.