Yamaha R1 R1S R1M Brake Reservoir Covers

Vendor: SBR


High quality brake fluid reservoir tank covers for your Yamaha R1 / R1S / R1M. Brake reservoir covers designed to fit your motorcycle's front brake fluid reservoir's perfectly.

Unlike others that have heat pressed logos, these are 100% cotton with embroidered logos!

Cover up your brake fluid reservoir tank with these high quality brake reservoir covers.

Aside from adding a nice subtle touch to your motorcycle, these covers:

  • Prevent fluid from leaking onto your bike, and damaging the paintwork.
  • Prevent suns uv-rays from de-grading your fluids.

Used by many professional racers around the world for these reasons listed above. Brake reservoirs are vented and brake fluid is highly corrosive! Last thing you want is brake fluid seeping on to your visor and/or on the paint work of your motorcycle.

Available in just front or as a set for front and rear reservoirs.  Please choose if you'd like a set or just the front cover before ordering.


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