Ducabike Carbon Fiber Upper Tank Cover for Multistrada V4 V4S Pikes Peak RS

Vendor: Ducabike


Upgrade the looks of your Multistrada V4 with this carbon fiber upper tank cover by Ducabike of Italy.

Made from plain weave premium carbon fiber, this piece replaces the OEM plastic upper tank cover of your Multistrada V4.

Please note that! This item deletes the fan that is included in the upper tank cover.

It is strongly suggested to order the inner rubber compartment holder from Ducati. Part number 86612942A. This piece is glued onto the oem plastic upper tank cover, it can be removed with care, but purchasing a replacement piece will make installation much easier.

Professional installation is recommended.

Made entirely from plain carbon using an autoclave, and in matte finish.

Ducabike Part Number: CRB11O


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