Fullsix Carbon Fiber Brake Cooling Ducts for Panigale V4 V4S V4R

Vendor: Fullsix


Utilizing Autoclave Composite Technology and Nanotechnology, Fullsix is one of the leading carbon fiber manufacturers in the world making the best carbon fiber products available for your superbike.  From cutting of the fabric to the final finishing touches, each Fullsix part is monitored and are manufactured to perfection.

Designed specifically to help lower the temperature of of the front brake system, which results in consistent brake performance.

Furthermore since the brake cooling ducts allow the dust to be pushed off the caliper pistons, this helps with prolonging the caliper rebuild time by keeping the caliper pistons cleaner.

Made from Plain Weave Carbon Fiber and matches the factory carbon fiber's pattern.

Available in gloss or matte.


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