Motomillion Superlite Steel 520 Conversion Kit for S1000RR K67

Type: Sprockets
Vendor: Motomillion


A custom 520 conversion kit for your K67 S1000RR put together by the Motomillion team using some of the best components available on the market.  This particular kit is comprised of a German made proprietary lightweight front 520 sprocket with the correct offset, and the Superlite lightweight steel rear sprocket.

Although the front factory sprockets of the K46 and K67 are the same in 525 pitch, when converting a K67 to a 520 chain, you can not use a K46 520 front sprocket because the factory 525 rear sprocket of the K67 has an offset.  Therefore a specific 520 front sprocket with the proper offset for the K67 is needed when doing a 520 conversion.  This detail is often overlooked by many companies.

Made in Germany using the most cutting edge technology, the front sprockets have a high core tensile strength, offer good wearing resistance while being as light as possible.

The front sprocket is a lightened steel sprocket weighing only at 6.6 oz (189 grams).

Optional EK 3D chain, and titanium sprocket nuts available.

This kit retains the stock gearing of 17/45, if you want to make gearing changes, please contact us to order a set with custom gearing of your choice.

Front Sprocket : Case Hardened Steel - 17T
Rear Sprocket : Superlite RST Hardened Steel  - 45T (Fits Forged and Carbon Wheels)
Chain (Optional) : EK 3D 520Z - 120 links
Sprocket Nuts (Optional) : Proti Fully Forged Titanium Sprocket Nuts


BMW S1000RR - 2020 to 2022 (Forged and Carbon Wheels Only!)
BMW M1000RR - 2021 to 2022