Ohlins FKR 124 Pressurized Front Fork Cartridge Kit for Panigale V4R

Vendor: Fullsix


There is no doubt that Ohlins is the gold standard in suspension and steering products, this is why they have dominated the race tracks all over the world.

These pressurized cartridge kits have technology that is directly derived from Moto3, Moto2 and World Superbike (WSBK) championships. Designed for high-end sportsbikes (hypersports) for top level racing classes such as SuperStock and SuperSport classes, the FKR is guaranteed to give you tons of performance.

The FKR is the new cartridge kit for those riders who demand the best performance from their bike.

The new sprint pressurized system is easy to use, easy to service and over the older gas pressurized design, there is no more risk of gas leakage.  Thanks to their design, they are now more compact than ever.

Utilizing the TTX technology, a new piston and the 8mm piston shaft reduce the pressure build up and allows for much faster dampening response, which gives it a linear dampening characteristic.

Linear damper characteristics allow more tuning options and increase grip.  The bump absorption also significantly improves chassis stability.

Includes three spring rates.


Panigale V4R - 2019 to 2022