Termignoni 4 USCITE Full Exhaust System Kit for Panigale V4 V4S V4R

Type: Exhausts
Vendor: Termignoni


Experience the thrill of two wheels with the Italian Sound.  Dating all the way back to 1969, Termignoni has been synonymous with Ducati exhaust systems and produce one of the highest quality exhaust systems on the market today.

This particular system is called "4 USCITE" which translates into "4 Exists" in English. When translated to English, the name is pretty self explanatory, since the there are 4 exits for the exhaust system from the manifolds that come out separately into the silencers.  This exhaust configuration allows better internal fluid dynamics which directly results in better performance.  Compared to the standard exhaust, there is a 13hp gain and with an increase in torque over the entire power curve.

Termignoni Part Number D18209401ITX

This is a complete exhaust kit, which includes the following:

- Full Exhaust System
- Carbon Fiber Heat Shields
- Carbon Fiber Chain Guard
- Carbon Fiber Belly Pan
- Termignoni Up Map


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