TWM GP Style Adjustable and Folding Levers for Diavel V4

Type: Levers
Vendor: TWM


TWM adjustable and folding brake and clutch levers as used by top AMA and European Race teams.  The levers are precision machined from billet aluminum and finished off with high thickness anodizing.  It will not discolor from sun nor from use over time. Available in both shorty or standard length.

Same exact levers sold under the Ducati Performance brand.  TWM is the main manufacturer of these levers.

The Italian flag colored sticker is easily removable if you wish to remove it.

The adjustment knob on the levers are the same screw type adjuster found on Brembo Master Cylinder levers.  Both the brake and clutch side are folding and adjustable.  TWM Remote Brake adjusters can also be fitted to these levers.

Both the brake and clutch side lever have a folding outer part with "low drag" ends.  It took Brembo millions of dollars on research and development to discover and figure out this phenomena.  It all started when MotoGP rider Loris Capirossi was experiencing excessive brake fade at the Misano Straight.  The problem was solved by incorporating the holes at the end of the levers which are now referred to as "low drag" ends.

TWM makes the highest quality levers for your motorcycle and is the manufacturer of Brembo levers as well, so you can rest assure you are getting the best levers for your motorcycle.  The quality and the finish of these levers are like no other.

Length of the standard levers are 19.5cm from pivot point to the end, and the shorty levers are 17.3cm.

As a rule of thumb, those who use two fingers for clutch or brake should order shorty levers, and those who use three or more fingers should order standard length levers. 

You can mix up the length of the levers, meaning you can have one lever in standard and the other one in shorty lengths.  If you want a mixed length set, please contact us as soon as you place an order.

Works with factory quick shifter and cruise control.

Made in Italy.


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