TWM Quick Action CNC Aluminum Gas Cap for Diavel V4

Type: Gas Caps
Vendor: TWM


First class Italian engineering and machinery from the Marchesini family!  Synonymous with the highest quality machined components for superbikes, TWM is the original inventor of the quick release quarter turn gas cap, which was invented to have an alternative to screw on racing gas caps that were prone to seizing and binding.

These fuel caps are precision machined from billet aluminum and finished off with high thickness anodizing.  It will not discolor from sun or fuel spills.

Incredible weight savings! These fuel caps weigh in only at 100 grams (3.53oz), as opposed to the factory Ducati cap that weigh in at 390grams (13.76oz)!

TWM fuel caps are a fine piece of mechanical art that is functional. Simply push down the handle and turn it counterclockwise to open the filler cap. These fuel caps are not lockable with a key.

The TWM Italian flag sticker is easily removable for those who do not want it on their gas caps.

Available in black, red, gold, blue and silver handle colors.

Made in Italy.


Ducati Diavel V4 - 2023 to 2024