UpMap T800 ECU Flash Device Kit for Ducati Panigale V2

Type: ECU Flash
Vendor: Upmap


Flash the ECU of your Ducati Panigale V2 with the ease of your phone / tablet to have it run smoother and make more power with the UpMap T800 Plus.

The UpMap T800 Plus is an ECU flash device which is able to change the mapping of your motorcycle.

Updated T800 Plus model with higher processing power and memory to reduce flash times.

This is a must for Panigale V2 models that have a full exhaust or a slip on, since the UpMap flash will disable the exhaust servo.  Without the upmap flash you will get a check engine light on your dash.

Other than getting rid of the check engine light for the exhaust servo being removed, the UpMap mapping will make the power delivery a lot smoother and give you considerable power gains, the amount of gains vary depending on the exhaust setup you are using.

One free map is available with the UpMap kits.  Updates to the map you use are free afterwards as well.

Compatible with iOS and Android devices.

With the UpMap iOS / Android app, you also have some cool features such as being able to view real time data, such as speed, rpm, engine temp, and gear position.  The app will also allow you to record videos with the data overlay to make cool videos to share with your friends.

Includes EU5 interface cable.


Ducati Panigale V2 - 2020 to 2022