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The Ultimate Yamaha R1M | Build Rundown


The journey with our Yamaha R1M started some time before we even received this R1M. Previously, we had another Yamaha R1M which we were building up into something special. That build featured Marchesini wheels, the Akrapovic Evolution Exhaust, and the full Brembo upgrade, amongst many other parts. Unfortunately, after making great progress with the bike, it got stolen…

After some time, and contact with Yamaha Motor USA, we were able to acquire a brand new Yamaha R1M, and have it delivered still within its crate! It was a treat to receive a bike in that form, and truly start a bike from zero.

With the new R1M in our possession, we decided to create the Ultimate Yamaha R1M, and did we do that? Our answer is yes, but we know not everyone will agree. The entire design philosophy of this build was to take what Yamaha had already created and designed in the R1M, and build upon it by upgrading everywhere that we could see a limitation.

Remember, to hit price points and certain profit margins, manufacturers have to cut back in areas. So wherever we saw this, we strove to change and upgrade it. With this goal, we changed all the plastic pieces to full carbon fiber, upgraded the braking system to Brembo everywhere with FrenTubo carbon fiber braided brake lines, added the OZ Racing GASS forged aluminum wheels and much more.

And the stand-out piece is a World Superbike Exhaust. Our love for the Yamaha R1/R1M platform began by seeing the bike compete in the various racing series like MotoGP and World Superbike, and being in contact with Akrapovic, we received the opportunity of purchasing a true World Superbike Superstock Spec full titanium Akrapovic Exhaust system. We jumped on the opportunity and the rest is history. 

With the help of BrenTuning, we received a custom tune for the WSBK Akrapovic Exhaust and reached 198 HP! That’s 198 horsepower going to the wheels, not the crank. 

So did we achieve our goal of creating the ultimate Yamaha R1M? For us, the answer is yes. Others may be able to create higher horsepower examples, with crazier parts/pieces and custom swing arms, but at that point the bike is no longer something that retains the essence and character of what an R1M, and what Yamaha intended in their design. And we believe the Motomillion R1M achieves that, and pushes it to where it can and should be, making it the Ultimate Yamaha R1M.

Parts List:

  • Fadhil says...

    Hi, why there’s no TWM Oil Filler Cap for Yamaha R1 2022?

    On November 18, 2023

  • Robert says...

    Why don’t you show the dyno numbers before all the mods ? How much time and money for how much gain?

    On July 21, 2023

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